Claudio Alessio Musso

My interest in the arts precedes my first university studies in Computer Engineering. However, it was at that time that I became aware of how technology affects our society. This interest has continued in academic studies and continues to motivate my artistic experimentation. After graduating in Technological Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, the dystopian elements of reality have become the main object of my interest: war, propaganda, technological abuse.

I’m interested in all the dystopian narratives (in particular the literary genre cyberpunk), war cinema, those dealing with mass manipulation and science fiction in general.

At the same time, I am interested in analyzing mass image fetishism. And also the dynamics inherent in the contemporary art system, in the discourses on intermediality and transmediality. Robotics, neural networks and technologies of virtual and augmented reality are still areas that I practice carefully.

I usually tend to work independently on all my projects. I use painting, photography, artistic video experimentation and the production of computer-generated images. I try to show an original point of view, to analyze paradoxes and somehow, utopianly, to influence reality.

Warloop Act One is my first solo show, a completely virtual exhibition. And it is the 1st of 3 acts that deal with the theme of war, how to lead it and how technology affects our society.


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