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White garage – contemporary art and design

We are a gallery oriented to artistic research. We want to provide new critical tools on contemporary art and new ways of working in the world of images in its many forms. Our desire is to overcome the methods of analysis of traditional art in the light of the new symbolic codes promoted by international digital culture. We also believe that the art system is changing in the direction of greater integration between all creative fields. White garage wants to be a platform for comparison between artists and the public for an increasing sharing of artistic research. This was our utopia when we started our activities. Today reality is beginning to replace utopia.

Located in an old mechanical workshop in the modern centre of Catania, White Garage opens on 22 June 2018. The recovery of the structure of the early twentieth century has brought to light a space suitable for site-specific projects and programs for artist residencies.

The gallery encourages the development artistic research and an imaginary free from the logic of consumerism. For this reason, it also provides curatorial support for young artists and designers, cultural operators and art lovers.

White Garage combines the visual arts with a programme of events on creative writing, cinema, music, philosophy, anthropology and social research: a laboratory for the development of a new cultural proposal.

In 2019 he entered into a partnership with Rizzotti Design for the creation of projects in which art and design come together.

Artistic director: Gianpiero Vincenzo

Curator in residence: Gustave Demoen


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