Francesco Balsamo

“A stone thrown into a pond provokes concentric waves that spread over its surface, involving in their motion, at different distances, with different effects, the water lily and the rod, the paper boat and the fisherman’s float. Objects that were each one of them on their own, in their own peace or sleep, are as if called back to life, forced to react, to enter into a relationship with each other. Other invisible movements propagate in depth, in all directions, while the stone precipitates moving algae, frightening fish, always causing new molecular agitations. When it touches the bottom, it shocks the mud, bumps into the objects that lay there forgotten, some of which are now dissected, others covered in turn by the sand. Countless events, or microevents, follow one another in a very short time. Perhaps not even to have time and desire could be recorded all, without omissions.”

Gianni Rodari, from Il sasso nel stagno

Francesco Balsamo (Catania, 1969). He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania and Literature at the University of Catania.

Since the beginning Francesco Balsamo has been moving within a composite creativity, where drawing and writing in verse are combined. Drawing was (partly still is) the first “principle of operation” of his head, until he discovered that words are the most mysterious and unpredictable signs. From those first moments he tried to combine drawing and writing, but he only managed to alternate them as practices during his years of apprenticeship. An apprenticeship that has not yet ended.


Passages and culminations, Lo Magno Gallery, Modica

The surface of the sheet looks as smooth as ever, Galleria Novecento, Milan
do not copy from the eyes, Accademia Abadir, S. A. Li Battiati (Catania); Zelle Arte Contemporanea, Palermo

Voice of duration, BOCS, Catania
Deaf Peace, Emmeotto Next, Rome

The plural time of figures, Nuvole Galleria, Palermo
From nowhere with affection, Lo Magno Gallery, Modica (Ragusa); Don Quixote Gallery, Rome

Following the light step of a pencil, Galleria Falteri, Florence
Flowers for travellers and other drawings, Art Research Gallery, Rome; Lo Magno Gallery, Modica (Ragusa); Koller Gallery, Budapest

The poet, the artist and the entomologist, Galleria del Carbone, Ferrara

Twenty-one works on paper, Massimo Vezzosi Antiquario, Florence
Works on paper, House of Art at the Theatre, Piacenza

Works on paper, Abadir – Academy of Fine Arts and Restoration, Sant’Agata Li Battiati (Catania)
The forest, Community of San Leolino, Panzano in Chianti (Florence)
Works on paper, Art Research Gallery, Rome


Wunderkammer, Academia Belgica, Rome

Finalist of the Premio Combat, Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori, Livorno
Convivium, Zelle Arte Contemporanea, Palermo.

A partir de l’eau, history of an unknown person, Zelle Arte Contemporanea, Palermo
Fragments of reality, Palazzo Platamone – ex Convento San Placido, Catania
Italy Pavilion 54th Venice Biennale Sicily Region, Montevergini Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Syracuse
Allegory of the cave, Quattrocentometriquadri Gallery, Ancona

Silver Session, South & North, Valencia
Sweet Sheets (Moves to Modica), Palace of Culture, Modica (Ragusa)

Refractions, Don Quixote Gallery, Rome
Other contemplations, Galleria Libra, Catania
Ut Pictura Poesis, Le Muse Center, Andria (Ba)
Contemplations. Beauty and tradition of the new in contemporary Italian painting, Castel Sismondo and Palazzo del Podestà, Rimini
The space of Art, Looking at the face of Artemis, Palazzo Iacono – Galleria degli Archi, Comiso (Ragusa)

Collectible, Art’è Gallery, Acireale (Catania)
Square art, recalling Umberto Boccioni, Galleria Libra, Catania

100 Artists around the Garden, Arches Gallery, Gesualdo Bufalino Foundation, Around the Garden Café, Comiso (Ragusa)
Visionari – real and fantastic in contemporary Italian art, Koller Gallery, Budapest
Balsam, Bombaci, Roccasalvo. Three young artists at Palazzo Mormino, Donnalucata (Scicli)
Les elysées de l’art moderne et contemporaine, Orexpo Paris (Koller Gallery), Paris
Don Quixote, Don Quixote Gallery, Rome

Eccentric primitive visionaries – from Alberto Martini to Licini, Ligabue, Ontani, Galleria Civica di Palazzo Loffredo, Potenza
The magnificent vision – 50 artists for Kaos, Donnafugata Castle, Ragusa

Landscapes – Landscapes, Andrea Cefaly Gallery, Catania

By drawing, Galleria Lo Magno, Modica (Ragusa)


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