A big camera – Workshop

In the 80’s an international underground network saw in the self-production and distribution of thousands of small magazines an immense liberation of desire and artistic and political energies. A machine made all this possible: the common photocopier.
All this great circuit anticipated the relational networks of today’s web and for a generation of creatives made it suddenly possible to communicate and exchange intuitions, ideas and contents with other parts of the world. So a machine designed to produce faithful copies of “documents” was forced to produce “dreams” capable of experiencing relationships and communities.
During the meeting will be shown hand-made magazines of the ’80s and ’90s published in self-production in music circuits, mail-art and copy-art from ‘Archive canecapovolto’.
Finally, there will be a brief practical introduction to the techniques of manipulation of the photocopied images and participants, through the use of a photocopier, will be able to produce their own images in copy-art.
The whole course is scheduled at Scuola FuoriNorma

Una grande macchina fotografica

Workshop on historical micro-publishing and copy-art
16 November 2018, from 17.00 to 20.00
Teacher: Enrico Aresu (canecapovolto)
White Garage, via Malta 61, Catania


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