Cut and Run


Opening Friday, October 26, at 18:30
from 26 October to 23 November 2018

canecapovolto returns to Catania 10 years after his last solo exhibition. CUT AND RUN represents a careful selection of the collages created by the collective in the last 20 years and – in an exclusive way – the projection of the last video “Stereo_verso Infinito: unfixed#28”. The works on display are a summary of a path that has its origins in situationism and deconstructivism. In response to the problems brought by digital media and the spread of technical images, canecapovolto deconstructs images to build a metalanguage origin and tool for the elaboration of a critical thought by the public. In this way, each work, each fragment, becomes the mark of a new visual language, a nucleus of meaning that determines new flows of thought, this time completely created by the artist. Freed from the fetters of photographic realism, the images return to nourish the imagination of man. The viewer is not peripheral to the work, but the protagonist of an experience, a “situation” that will lead him to confront a “chaotic archive” made up of audio, film, video, photos and images from magazines. In a historical period in which the individual is weak and passive towards the messages conveyed by the mass media, the work of canecapovolto becomes an opportunity to awaken and develop consciences, a way to renew and rebuild an imaginary that does not have as a reference the values of consumerism. An imaginary that reopens the door to new universes of meaning in which man can finally be free from the material dimension.



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