barbaragurrierigroup, Space for parts 2, n. 14 (2016)



Laser print on various media, 13×9.5 cm. Unique specimen.



It is the visual narrative of a place and an experience, the Cosenza Art Residency 2016 – BoCS Art, through two works, an installation and 14 drawings, used as if they were an inventory of the traces of this permanence in that place. Space for Parts 1 and 2 (2016) is an attempt to decipher a part of the city from the Bocs, as a real and mental space within which I moved. The account of this experience, then, starts from the Bocs (Area 2 bocs 3): the installation, 6 fir panels of various sizes, reproduces the Bocs, to scale, according to the graphic presentation of the exploded view. As often happens in Barbara Gurrieri’s artistic practice, the research starts from an archiving of the place following strict rules that I decide to apply from time to time. The different fragments on different levels in the 14 drawings are united by lines, vector drawings that visualize my daily movements within the three areas. These traces are the “combined” result of daily recordings both through the use of a smartphone application and through the concrete movements drawn on the real plan within the three areas.

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