“The little things” by Federico Baronello: Concrete Group

Presentation of the new online column of art criticism by Federico Baronello, March 16, 2019 at 18.

“Artery, the exhibition of Concrete Group at the White Garage in Catania, tries to shake us aesthetically from the apathy in which now pours not only the politics in Italy, a sort of inclination to immobility that risks leading us to total social deconstruction undermining the very foundations of that model of development that, at least since the second world war and despite all the contradictions achieved, has so far been dominant in our country. The buildings and infrastructures of our modernity are collapsing, new orogenesis emerge from the undifferentiated collection and we, as if inside a spell or a perverse experiment in social engineering, seem not to notice except for those few minutes sometimes dedicated on television news” (the article continues in the link).


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