Zoltan Fazekas

work in progress

Work in progress is not the title of the exhibition by Zoltan Fazekas, but just what it indicates, the development of an exhibition project, innovative or at least different, suitable for the stormy times we are going through. In fact, we decided not to make exhibitions in presence, at least for the moment. We are fortunate to have a loyal and large audience, and for this reason we decided not to risk with new exhibitions open to the public, difficult to control.

Work in progress means that we have decided to better coordinate all the digital experimentations we have made in the last year. We aim to write a real digital screenplay for a series of actions that Zoltan has realized and will realize in the time of the exhibition. It will therefore be the inauguration of a completely new visual and auditory path, at least for us. And that we hope will continue to bring art close to the public. At a time when there is more need for it than ever.

The actual start of the exhibition, its “imaginary opening”, will be announced shortly.


Zoltan Fazekas


Gianpiero Vincenzo


white garage, Via Malta, 61, Catania, CT, Italia


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