VASTRINI – making reality (in)visible

Vastrini presents 75 Idiocies in the MOU group show at the MORPHO space in Saint-Ouen, Paris.

Idiocies are photographic images glued exactly on top of the surfaces they reproduce. They conceal reality and at the same time reveal it: they make reality (in)visible. Vastrini has created 25 images as part of the MUE group show, scattering another 50 in the town of Sant-Ouen, on the northern outskirts of Paris (see the map below). In Greece, idiòtes were precisely those who led private lives outside the rules of good society. In the same way Vastrini’s “idiocies” behave today.

MUE (Mute)

After a first phase animated by a permanent exhibition and five temporary exhibitions, MORPHO emerges from its chrysalis to create the final exhibition MUE. Some twenty artists will now occupy the entire space of the former Pierre Cardin Museum. In a wanderlust, MUE will also take visitors to encounter the rich and varied artistic practices developed by the resident artists and other guests.

If the mute brings together the idea of maturation, metamorphosis and finally rebirth, it could be the perfect metaphor for the work of art, as its very presence bears witness to gestation (the substance), crystallisation (the form) and finally liberation (the display). Thus, whether we look at a mute or a work of art, we do not merely observe the residue of a past transformation, we distinguish what was contained, while we imagine what has escaped: the moment makes form.

Like the life of morphos butterflies, which only last a short time, this exhibition invites the viewer to question the transitory state, hybridisation, renewal and the ephemeral. MORPHO returns for the last time with the MUE exhibition and invites you to capture the last moments.

In the former Musée Pierre Cardin, the Mue exhibition brings together Josué Comoe, Crapo, Samuel Fasse, Mathieu Merlet Briand, Philippe Ramuz, Valerio Vincenzo and Céline Fantino, Beya Gille Gacha, Cléophée Moser, Hoàng Nguyên Lê – members of the Eaux Fortes collective – after a five-month artistic residency, as well as guest artists: Quentin DMR, John Fou, Hobz, Fred Kleinberg, L’Outsider, Ojan, Lisa Renberg, Sérapis, Jeanne Varaldi and Vastrini.

In this final exhibition, Morpho is also pleased to welcome the project e/lAboRaTory – Cas d’Havre Exquis, curated by Séverine Assouline, with : Séverine Assouline, Arnaud Cohen, Danielle Gutman and Elisabeth Lincot, as well as the installation Anti-Camera Obscura by Maurice Renoma.

Inauguration Friday 7 January 2022 – from 6.30 pm. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Morpho Saint-Ouen, 33 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Saint-Ouen, Francia


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