The unbearable lightness of the arts after the pandemic – talk & installation

THE UNSUSTAINABLE LIGHTNESS OF THE ARTS AFTER THE PANDEMIA – Talk with Gianpiero Vincenzo, Mirko Leuzzi, Luigi Patti and Vittoria Mascellaro

White Garage presents The unbearable lightness of the arts after the pandemic, an exchange of views on contemporary artistic languages between generation X and millenials. Speakers include Gianpiero Vincenzo, sociologist and art critic, as well as professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania; Mirko Leuzzi, Roman artist, currently on show with his solo exhibition at the Basile Contemporary gallery in Rome; Luigi Patti, screenwriter and actor, winner of the Solinas prize in the ‘Screen in green’ 2022 section; Vittoria Mascellaro, art curator working in the field of artificial intelligence.

The guests will introduce issues relating to the metamorphosis of artistic expressions in the post-pandemic era. The debate, open to the public and broadcast online, will focus on the rapid digitisation of the imaginary. Art, cinema and philosophy will be the central topics of discussion. Emblematic of this new aesthetics of the millenials are the paintings by Mirko Leuzzi, who, after the inauguration of his solo exhibition, moved into residence in the Catania gallery, now transformed into his artist’s studio.


white garage, Via Malta, 61, Catania, CT, Italia


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