FUOCO – Dancing on the Edge of the Etna – Conte Potuto & Gustave Demoen

Curator in residence: Gustave Demoen

Photo & Video: Marcella Barone

Conte Potuto
Conte Potuto is a Vienna-based artist collective founded in 2016. The diverse working methods of the members condense in the collective process into transmedial walk-in stories. With a playful approach in their often site-responsive exhibitions, performances and publications, they challenge questions of authorship and collectivity as well as economic aspects of art production. Depending on the project, the group comprises between two and ten people.

Gustave Demoen
Gustave Demoen (°1996, Ghent, Belgium) lives and works between the cities Ghent and Brussels and is an artist, curator, art teacher, musician and performer. Through his studies he started approaching drawing on many different ways and levels in space.
His interdisciplinary practice reaches out to organizing happenings as a visual artist, making films and contemporary art exhibitions and playing music as a performer… He is part of the sound collective De zwarte zusters.
From March to June, he is curator in residence in White Garage, Catania.


white garage, Via Malta, 61, Catania, CT, Italia


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